The Ad That Never Was…

I don’t care about sports, I’m not one of those people who watches the Super Bowl just for the commercials, and I only use YouTube to look for specific things so I had no idea what this was when I clicked on it. For about two minutes I was absolutely delighted: here was a well made and compelling advertisement for Atheism. Could it be that this was really aired on Super Bowl Sunday? No. Sadly it wasn’t. Sadder still this add I enjoyed so much was originally made for, of all things, Scientology!   here’s the real one if you haven’t seen it:

“Cause in the eternal debate for answers what’s true lizards” Really? My problem in this post  isn’t with the Scientologists though.  That’ll have to be another post (and it will be, stay tuned 🙂 ) no my problem here is that you’ll never see anything like the first version on t.v. No advertiser would make it, and no network would run it even if they did it’d be a nation wide scandal ten minutes after it aired.  Let me say I’m well aware the first version isn’t without its own problems. Atheism isn’t a movement it’s a single position, advertising for it is problematic because of that. The last thing I would propose is giving theists actual ammunition to claim that Atheism is a belief system. How about Anti-Theism? If it’s not a movement as far as I’m concerned it should be, a loud and busy movement. I’d like to see some more Scientology commercials for instance, made by people outside of Scientology.

Should we be recruiting and proselytizing? I don’t pretend to speak for anyone but myself but I think that anti-theism should be spread, or rather it should be voiced more loudly and broadly than it is. I think there are a great many hidden anti-theists out there who want to express their feelings but feel judged even by other atheists and so they don’t. There are a lot books, articles,  web pages and what-not  out there yet the sad reality of our world is a lot of people just don’t read, a lot of people just aren’t willing or able to search out this material. I honestly think a few good powerful ads would do more to jump-start the conversation than can be imagined.  Anyway these are just a few of the thoughts that occurred to me when I saw these two commercials. As always I welcome your thoughts


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  1. Is it or can it be called a movement when millions of people start coming to their senses? Was it a social change movement to rid the world of small pox? If you consider the atheist position a ‘normal’ position, what kind of movement is it when everyone becomes normal? For these reasons it has never been the case of an atheism movement. The only movement or charge for social change has been anti-theism. While humanists et al may claim to be friendly to those who are “compatible” the real truth is that they are anti-theist and part of the anti-theism movement. Any group that does not support furtherance of the theistic groups is against them. Any other position has the basic value proposition as such: If we can’t get rid of you, then lets do equal but separate.If we are to be honest with ourselves, this is what we are asking for. This sound problematic until you paint the picture like this: Leprosy – equal but separate!

    • Oh absolutely, Atheism isn’t and can’t be a movement, anti-theism can should and in fact is a movement. It’s just not nearly a large or busy enough movement in my judgement. Of course it’s got a lot to deal with and quite a lot of opposition so perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to judge. The fact that there’s no real unity of purpose or message in it is something I find troubling though. The secularists in society have made huge leaps in the past few decades but we’re still miles behind those religious interests who seem hell bent on killing us all with their squabbles and nonsense ( sounds kind of alarmist as I read it back, I promise i’m not in a bunker with a tinfoil hat…)
      thanks for the comment.

  2. yes of course we should be proselytizing. i personally consider myself a devout evangelical atheist. if you look at how little bearing religion actually has on life, the fact that there’s nothing you can do with religion that you can’t do without it, and the serious disrespect for truth and reality which it fosters, the answer is clear. speak up or bring hell to you in the form of a society with no logical basis for anything it does.

    • I agree in all regards except for what baring religion has on life. It bares no resemblance to real life but unfortunately it does have great baring on life. That of course is the most pressing need for a serious rationalist surge in the world. These people and their various competing superstitions are the most clear and present danger to international peace, human unity scientific progress and moral evolution. If they were content to believe their nonsense quietly and confine their superstition to Sunday genuflections in the temple I’d be fine to leave them to their delusions. Their delusions effect our world so we have a responsibility to resist, teach, and point out their repeated and often glossed over atrocities. Thanks for the comment

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